Liberated Routers

Build networks powered by Free Software. Be in control. Choose greater privacy and security for your network. Do things you've never done before.

Out of the box!

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Freedom - By Default.

Most routers contain proprietary software by default. They also restrict what you can do with your router.

Liberated Routers provide you with a free software solution by default.


Powered by OpenWrt

OpenWrt provides the richest libre embedded operating system for networking and much more. Use the bundled Luci interface to manage your local network, wireless and Internet connections.


Rich Feature Set

Build your own DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) resolver or Ad blocker. Connect to VPNs. Access your local network remotely. Build a print server. Share a data-card with the entire network.

And so much more...


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Hardware Details (courtesy OpenWrt Wiki)

"Mostly Harmless" / "Libre Tech Shop" are not affiliated with OpenWrt. OpenWrt is a registered trademark owned by Software Freedom Conservancy (SFC).