We are Mostly Harmless.

"Unless we mindfully choose the hardware that runs our lives, we are going to run out of places to run free software on."

Where would you run free software?

Retaining our freedom to compute by choosing the “right hardware”

Core Values


You MUST always be in Power.
(Its not optional.)

I started Mostly Harmless in 2016 with the goal of (somehow) building a sustainable business out of providing affordable, accessible hardware solutions that could complement the extensive body of free software tools that already existed. Starting with hackable, mechanical keyboards, this 'obsession' with do-it-yourself, hackable hardware has broadened to include a whole lot more.

The core values espoused here are the most fundamental values that I personally live my life by. I don't sell or offer anything that I am not using myself. I don't sell or offer anything that I've not first used (and suffered through!) sufficiently.

I don't intend to build or use anything that would use proprietary software, spy on its users or surveill them, take advantage of them or disrespect them in any way. Looking forward to working with you in sustaining this wonderful world of ethical and hackable products and solutions!
Abhas Abhinav

What you can always expect from Mostly Harmless' Offerings

Your Rights: First.

Don't we like it when others respect us and do things in a manner that protect us by default? Without asking for it first? We define your rights and our actions via the philosophy of the Free Software Movement.


When things break down, it must be possible to fix them. If something can't be fixed, extended and reused, we don't own it. We make sure our offerings are repairable. Even by you.

Source Code

How do we protect your rights and help you fix things? Simple: We provide complete and equivalent source code for all our work. Under a license guaranteed to protect your rights.

Self Hosted

How could you be in control unless all aspects of your solution's ecosystem are hosted by you and in your control? Self-hosting is an easy way to examine how free your servers, networks, backends, software and hardware really are.

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