Home Automation

Self Hosted. Hackable. Private.

... that will let you control your home privately and securely - and without Internet access, without trackers and with a wide array of options to let you integrate, adapt and extend the system.

Buying off-the-shelf Home Automation Hardware?

Beware! Off-the-shelf home automation hardware (most often) runs "malware" that forces you to divulge personal information, tracks your use of the product and severely limits what you can do with the product.

A set of packet traces showing how proprietary firmware on home automation devices sends all sorts of data to their manufacturers, software developers and third-parties (without your permission).
Screenshots of a mobile application that not only requires you to share personal information (email address, location etc.), create an account and then use this app exclusively to operate the wireless switch. The wireless application also sends operating data to those operating the app's backend service.

Eliminate "malware" from your life.

Why would you want your home automation system to be a black-box? If you can't see what the program is doing or have the ability to study it, change it or share it, then the program can get away with doing things that you don't want it to do. Choose hardware which allows you to run Free/Libre Software. Always.

Just putting on a light? Don't let others know.

You should always be in a position to choose what others know about your (or not). After all - you're just switching a light at home. Its not a big deal. Why should someone else get to know about it? Much less permit it, enable it or record that instance? No matter what you do at home - don't get forced to lettings others know about it.

Don't disclose so much about yourself.

How much personal information are you willing to share to do trivial things? Is it reasonable that an unknown entity knows your email address, location, phone number and other details about your home network just to "give you permission to operate a light switch"!? Treat your personal information with greater care. Its possible (now) to do things without such disclosures being mandatory

Libre Home Automation - Features


Two Models

We have two models available: one that works with single switches and one that can control 4 outlets at the same time. Both work the same work - the only difference is their form-factor.

The 4-port model additionally supports mounting on an "electrical rail" for concealed installation.

image image

Ease of Installation

The two-port model ships with male and female plugs on both the ends. You can simply plug it in wherever you have a light or lamp or appliance plugged into a wall-switch or power strip. You can also remove the plugs and wire it up or conceal it inside an electrical junction box.

The 4-port model ships with a 4-port terminal block with separate live and neutral connection points for integration with electrical outlets and junction boxes.


Works without Internet! No Trackers!

Mostly Harmless switches use Free Software firmware which does not require Internet access, operates completely on the local network and hence, eliminates all chances of tracking as well. No data about your switches, your use of them and their installation does not leave your network. Period.

The Home Assistant web dashboard.
The Home Assistant mobile application provides convenient access to the HASS dashboard. It is free software and can be installed via the repository as well.

Integrates with Home Assistant

Home Assistant - a free software, self-hosted home hub, provides a centralised dashboard along with all the necessary services to control all your wireless switches in one place.

What's more - you can also run other essential services such a ad-blockers, monitoring tools and rules engines to further automate, monitor and control your home privately and securely.

No mandatory Internet connection, no tracking, no malware or spyware or data leaks. You remain firmly in control and in power. Its not optional.

A bunch of under-design programmers and device interfaces currently in use.

Simple to reprogram

What's the point of using free software and having access to source code if one can't easily re-compile or customise it and then flash it back to a device? We go out of our way to make our devices programmable trivially.

'Cause you don't really own your device unless you can access, study, modify, recompile and flash its firmware! Also - if its an exercise that requires a screwdriver, you most probably won't do it. We make the whole process non-invasive, un-complicated and something you can do repeatedly (if you so want!).

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