Keypads for
Video Conferencing & Virtual Classes

Hackable keypads that offers quick access to useful keyboard shortcuts during video conferences, virtual classes and online meetings.

Launching Soon!

Introducing the vckyb!

Keyboard shortcuts are good ways of quickly doing something - as compared to using the mouse to click around the screen. Most video conferencing applications have built-in keyboard shortcuts to aid activities such as mute/un-mute or toggling the video or raising the hand and so on.

Most of these keyboard shortcuts, unfortunately, require the use of single or multiple keys (eg. CTRL + D or CTRL + ALT + C). These can not only be difficult to remember but also tough for children to use or use with one-hand.




The vckyb is programmable. You can easily reprogram it to suit your preferred layout. Change the default key sequences, build additional functionality layers. And more.

Multiple Form Factors

You could have a keypad in multiple sizes. With a variable number of switches. Different models enable varied features with different controllers, firmware architectures and so on.

With a Rotary Encoder!

A rotary encoder can be a very useful thing. Use it to control the output volume. Or the mic volume. Or map it to page-up/page-down keys. Or the mouse scroll wheel.


Integrate a foot switch! Build RGB light effects and animations. Integrate a small OLED display. Add a small buzzer.