Mostly Harmless Initiatives & Experiments

Personal, Portable and Private IoT Cloud

Personalising the Private Cloud

  • Model the public/private cloud on your desk-top
  • Develop cloud-native software and IoT applications
  • Run multi-core / multi-node containers, storage systems and web / network services just like on production hardware
  • Extremely low cost and commodity hardware
  • Enhanced privacy, negligible latency and low power consumption
  • Completely self-sufficient, self-hosted and local services without any external dependency
  • Powered by Free / Open Source Software ONLY
  • Multiple Free/Libre hardware components

Launching soon with complete component list, assembly guide and source code

IoT Lab Kit for Colleges

IoT Lab Setup Kit for Colleges

  • Complete kit to setup an IoT Lab for students
  • Includes most commonly used hardware components
  • Provides good exposure to multiple hardware assemblies
  • Excellent starting point to learn about IoT, single board computers and electronics
  • Multiple practical projects can be implemented using the kit components
  • Available with a lab manual, sample source code, picture, circuit diagrams, instruction videos and references for further learning
  • Licensing under free licenses - GNU GPL v3 for source code and circuit diagrams and GNU FDL for documentation

Free Software Firmware

Coreboot / Libreboot on Thinkpad laptops

Launching soon! Refurbished Thinkpads with
pre-installed Coreboot / Libreboot

Video Recording / Streaming for Free Software Conferences

Using software and hardware from the
HDMI2USB project

Completely Free/Libre Hardware-based video recording and streaming for Free Software conferences and community events

Things don't need to be somebody else's problem anymore. SEP.Wiki enables us to solve these problems elegantly using Free Software, Hardware and Documentation.

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