Consulting services to simplify, adapt, free and apply technology in creative and effective ways.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Helping you build smart electronics and embedded systems that combine Free hardware and Free Software.

IoT Consulting services include assistance with:​

  • Learning management
  • Prototyping
  • Procurement
  • BoM (Bill of Materials) planning
  • Choosing components
  • Choosing software stacks, operating systems and environment
  • Building cloud backends
  • Hosting private cloud systems or choosing public clouds
  • Data / metric collection, logging and graphing
  • Connectivity and presence management
  • Integration with mobile apps and web frameworks

Private and Public Cloud

Helping you build practices to architect, build, automate, monitor, scale and destroy infrastructure

Cloud consulting services include assistance with:​

  • Practical workshops to get a glimpse of the working models the cloud provides, how they work and how they can benfit
  • Review (and migration) of software development practices for adaptability (and subsequent migration) to cloud practices
  • Assessment of the risks involved with using proprietary software and public clouds and methods of de-risking yourself and making your cloud adoption more sustainable
  • Help for migrating traditional software applications to the cloud


Help developers build better software by understanding infrastructure management and operations. Help SREs and system admins build development expertise to substitute automation for human labour.

DevOps Consulting services include assistance with:

  • (re)Building software development teams, infrastructure and methodologies to adapt to the cloud
  • Enabling continuous builds / integration / deployment / testing
  • Packaging software for ease of deployment, upgrades and maintenance
  • Employing automation to make software and service deployment auditable, repeatable and transparent

Free Software and Licensing

Understand the techno-legal aspects of Free / Open Source Software. Understand technical implications of licenses, the legal implications of software and comply with licenses without fear.

Free Software and Licensing consulting services include assistance with:

  • Awareness about how to use, develop and deploy Free / Open Source Software ethically
  • Choosing licenses for your software and understanding situations arising from “combining” software under different licenses
  • Understanding the licensing implications of Free Software and your responsibilities arising from its use
  • General awareness about how to dispel common myths about using copyleft software

Free/Libre Hardware

Understand the value and process of building, using and re-using hardware that is free. Launch hardware and related software with confidence to provide freedom to users and protect your interests at the same time.

Free/Libre Hardware Consulting services include assistance with:

  • Building, using, manufacturing and distributing hardware licensed as Free/Libre/Open Source Hardware (FL/OSHW).
  • Choosing FL/OSHW for maximum flexibility and freedom
  • Employing, building and benefiting from FL/OSHW on a commercial scale
  • Undestanding FL/OSHW licenses and your responsibilities under these licenses
  • Choosing tools and development methods that enable re-use, collaboration and extension by others case you are enquiring on behalf of an organisation.

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